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Self Raising & Plain Flour

Grab your slice of flour power with Dalesman® Self Raising & Plain Flour, conveniently packed in 1kg bags to easily resell directly to the public.



Introducing the Dalesman® Fat Replacer

Introducing our latest brand new innovation, the Dalesman® Fat Replacer. An easy, natural and healthy way to replace fat content without compromising flavour, quality or functionality and it’s gluten free too! A product specifically created and designed to replace fat and increase succulence in meat products such as sausage, burgers, kebabs and meatballs.

About Dalesman® Fat Replacer

  • An incredibly versatile product which makes wholesome sausage, burgers, kebabs and meatballs without compromising flavour, succulence or quality and it’s Gluten Free too!
  • The Fat Replacer is made up of natural starches and fibres making it a healthy substitute.
  • Very easy to use, simply blend with water and whisk or high-speed blend.
  • The perfect substitute to pork fat in creating a lean product.
  • Reduces the fat content or excess fat on QUID and nutritional declarations.
  • Use our FREE QUIDCALC online meat calculator at, the simple way to calculate the QUID percentages of meat in both prepacked and non-prepacked products.
  • Full technical suppor t available, including recipe application guides and rates can be adjusted depending on product and desired effect – Just ask us how and we’ll be happy to help  and advise!
  • Available in 1kg pack sizes.

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Grill you take the...CHILLI CHALLENGE?


Gourmet Moroccan Burger Mix - An exotic Moroccan medley, this gustatory blend has notes of nutty yet earthy cumin, warming ginger and sweet, fruity golden apricot pieces.
Country Fayre® Chorizo Sausage Mix - A fiesta of flavour! Juicy tomato combined with paprika, sweet garlic, ground chilli and fruity bell peppers.
'Smouldering' Hot Rubs - A Kick-ass Cajun spiced meat rub loaded with chipotle chilli.


Gourmet Kofta Burger Mix - Full of Persian promise, this alluring blend is infused with fiery chilli, cumin and sweet garlic, topped with lashings of aromatic parsley and mint.
Gourmet Pork & Jalapeno Sausage Mix - A sensory delight, this captivating blend combines the spicy heat of jalapeño peppers with notes of sweet garlic, warming white pepper and a touch of ginger.
'Flaming Hot Rubs' - A flaming hot meat rub loaded with scotch bonnet chilli.



Gourmet Hot Chilli Burger Mix - A captivating blend of spicy chilli combined with the subtle fl avour of coriander, perfectly seasoned with earthy flavours of cumin and aromatic nutmeg.
Country Fayre® Extra Hot Sausage Mix -  A hot and spicy triumph of chilli seeds with an extra heap of jalapeno peppers. There's no denying it, this one's a scorcher!
'Scorching' Hot Rubs - Blow your espadrilles off with this hot & spicy meat rub loaded with habanero chilli.